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Your Practical Magic

Explore YOUR PRACTICAL MAGIC and enjoy a real-talk podcast that combines humor and insight to what trips us up in everyday life. What's different about us?

We're energy-based healers and coaches and we're sharing quick, practical tips and techniques so you can expand your toolbox and meet life's challenges with more grace, east & joy! We're also chatting other experts across the spectrum of holistic wellness so you can sample different modalities and perspectives to light up your practical magic!

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Self-Improvement Education Mental Health

Making Space for the New

Dec. 24, 2020

In our final episode of the year, we speak with Rosemary Flannery, about how to go from clutter to clarity while clearing a path to happiness and making space for more grace, ease and joy. This is the perfect episode to insp…

Education Spirituality Self-Improvement

The Presence of Presents + a Heartfelt Gift Guide

Dec. 3, 2020

It's our time of year — the end of it! We really mean the time when what we strive for in our lives is truly celebrated:  grace, ease & joy. In planning this month's premiere, we reflected on last year's episode "The Present…

Mental Health Self-Improvement Education

Family Gathering Cheer

Nov. 19, 2020

Imagine if your family could talk about conflict in a way where everyone involved felt heard, cared for and supported; with each of you joined by your own therapist, who brings compassion and respect for everyone involved.Ge…

Spirituality Mental Health Education

The Magic of the Beatles, with guest Ken Dashow

Nov. 5, 2020

Noreen and Gennifer speak with Ken Dashow, one of New York’s most loved DJs and a foremost authority on the Beatles. We talk about the serendipity of Beatles coming together and how their journey changed the world with their…

Self-Improvement Spirituality Mental Health

This Magic Moment with YPM's Common Sense Mystics

Oct. 29, 2020

Noreen & Gennifer are bringing you some Blue Full Moon-Halloween-Samhain out-loud truth-speaking! In a bonus 5th week episode, your favorite common sense mystics are recommitting to our callings and missions as individuals a…

Alternative Health Self-Improvement Education

Crystals 101: May the Quartz Be With You

Oct. 15, 2020

Gennifer and Noreen chat with Jen Llewellyn, from Majestic Hudson Lifestyle, again, this time for a fun exploration of the beauty and power of crystals, plus how to care for your dimensional darlings.You’ll also learn tips o…

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Tried. And True.

Tried. And True. The episodes of Your Practical Magic that helped me evolve this year I LOST MY BAGGAGE (FINALLY) I’ve been mindfully trying…

Making Space for the New

You may not realize it but your physical space is having an impact on your happiness. When feeling negative about your space, and using negative words to…

Holiday Gift Guide for Grace, Ease & Joy from Your Practic…

Your Practical Magic Holiday Gift Guide for Grace, Ease & Joy In our 12/3/20 episode "The Presence of Presents," Noreen & Gennifer -- co-hosts o…