Dec. 31, 2020

Tried. And True.

Tried. And True.

Tried. And True. 
The episodes of Your Practical Magic that helped me evolve this year


I’ve been mindfully trying to lose various traumas from my life for many years and just wasn’t successful. Until I tried AIT (Advanced Integrative Therapy) which I first heard about when I listened to a YPM episode recorded before I joined.

This summer, I was out for a walk and relistening to older episodes to help identify ones for our summer rePlay showcase. Something in the “Chakra Clearing for Trauma Healing” really spoke to me. In it, the guest expert explained the wide spectrum of trauma. From trauma with a capital T (like losing your job and living through a financial tailspin) to smaller traumas (like not having someone to play with at recess).

I told Noreen about how powerful this episode was for me to listen to and that I wanted to try AIT. Turns out she was a practitioner through her Your Wholiness practice (I had no idea). I hired her for a session and IMMEDIATELY felt different and instantly started to see things shift for me. It was super easy and I came back for another session to keep going. The rest of 2020, I experienced rapid changes and saw myself breakthrough on so many levels. I cannot stop suggesting it to others. And I’m so grateful to know it’s there for whenever I need it again.

Please see my before and after one AIT treatment with Noreen:



As a true optimist and glass-half-full kinda gal, I prefer to focus on what’s right over what’s wrong. But through our “Toxic Positivity” episode, I now have a whole new lens on my rose-tinted POV.

There were polarizing reactions to how COVID-19 was disrupting normal life. For some, this was a huge reset, a reason to slow down, an opportunity to learn something new (I’m curious how many Americans mastered bread making) and permission to have a non-existent beauty regiment.  For others, the change was disorienting, suffocating and panic-inducing.

In my true fashion, I was trying to help people feel better by showing how much worse things could be. Then I discovered an article about something called “Toxic Positivity” and recognized how damaging my “help” could be on others. 

We recorded an episode about it and now I have learned better ways to support others when they are distressed. Listen here.  Noreen also did an impromptu session on me when I was deeply upset about something, which led to this bonus episode.


If you know me, you know how much I love and need nature. It replenishes my energy. It gifts me little ways to be present. I feel so connected to it that I need to go outside barefoot once a day even in winter (for a few seconds and without snow) just so I can ground myself in it.

So how on earth did I miss the whole magic of crystals? Well, thankfully, we did an entire episode about Crystals with our guest, Jennifer Llewellyn from Majestic Hudson and I learned about how different crystals (which includes semi-precious stones) can help and heal oneself. 

Jen suggested a 30-day challenge (carrying crystals on you for 30 days straight to see if you noticed a difference). I started and I cannot stop (I’m now on day 76!). Most often my mix for the day includes a crystal quartz and a black tourmaline but I add in other crystals depending on what I feel I need, what calls to me or what I know is coming up in my day and could use a little extra support. It’s fascinating! I even went to a Crystal Grid at Majestic Hudson with my daughter and my friend, Monica.

Within days (not weeks), my daughter and I each saw things we individually wanted to manifest begin to unfold before our eyes. I still don’t fully understand how it works, but I do know that it does work.


I’ve been afraid of fire for many years now. I had two different friends who burnt their houses down from a candle in their room. I never tried using fire as part of a practice or ritual but Noreen shared a specific way to use candles for meditation and to get some insight and answers during our Common Sense Mystics episode, I decided to give it a try. Even though it called for FIVE candles!

To do this, you burn one candle in front of you and surround yourself with 1 candle per direction in a circle around you. You set the timer for 5 min and stare into the candle’s flame as a focal point to meditate.  I did this outside on the patio where our firepit was built. I honestly can’t remember what I gathered in that meditation (haha) but I do know that I walked back into my home feeling clear about where I was headed. I also started to burn Palo Santo and some fragrant candles in my home as part of my daily practice of being present. 

During that episode Noreen pointed out that my sign (Scorpio) is a fire sign and maybe I was afraid of myself. We laughed but you know what? She was right. There was a power within that I’ve always held back because I was afraid of its fiery energy. But I have since released that part of me to be free. And I’m no longer (as) scared of fire.


I’ve heard the words “divine femine” but never really dug into what it was all about. Thankfully, I got a small lesson during our The Divine Femine episode. We discussed intuition, empowerment, manifestation, balance and why you need to be around your vibrational equals (and above) in order to elevate. Not only have I attracted new friends and business contacts this year who match those requirements but I also created my annual vision board and, with intuitive guidance from elsewhere, included powerful goddesses (some who I had never heard of). Here’s a snippet of my 2021 vision board.

I feel the work I did this year was more important than any year prior. And so much of it, I attribute to Your Practical Magic podcast for helping me expand with such grace, ease and joy. I hope you all had some aha moments and breakthroughs too. If not, there’s always tomorrow. Xoxo, Gennifer

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