Nov. 30, 2020

Holiday Gift Guide for Grace, Ease & Joy from Your Practical Magic

Holiday Gift Guide for Grace, Ease & Joy from Your Practical Magic

Your Practical Magic Holiday Gift Guide for Grace, Ease & Joy

In our 12/3/20 episode "The Presence of Presents," Noreen & Gennifer -- co-hosts of Your Practical Magic podcast -- share gifts they've received that have brought them grace, ease and/or joy.

These are our authentic recommendations. Please note that there are some affiliate links below because — why not — it's the season of giving and we appreciate earning a bit when you click so we can put it right into future episodes of Your Practical Magic

A win-win for everyone!

Happy Holidays to our YPM Community, we appreciate you all so much,
Noreen & Gennifer

Eckhart Tolle's audio books The Power of Now: a Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment and A New Earth: Awakening Your Life's Purpose were game changers for me. His teachings on presence, ego and peace have guided me to live her life with more grace. I prefer his audio books while I'm out for a walk or doing tasks like folding laundry. This Eckhart Tolle Audio Collection includes those two books and some new ones that I'll be enjoying for the first-time, alongside you. 

I'm obsessesd with Tibetan Singing Bowls (I have a Pandora Station I listen to while working called 33Bowls Radio). I don't own this set but I might soon because it looks like a nice way to use a 10 minute break or maybe as part of my bedtime routine. And if the calm helps my cats sleep through the night and not wake me at 2am to watch them eat and then decided if they'll be joining the possum outdoors this eve, then hooray for uninterrupted sleep!

As a piece of Palo Santo begins to burn, I instantly unwind and expand. Its sweet, woody scent transports me to Sedona, Sante Fe and the forests of Peru while settling me within so gently. The literal translation is "holy wood" because it's been used for generations to aid meditation, clear spaces (the blend of citrus, pine, and mint is a smudging alterative to sage) and healing, to name a few. Please always buy sustainably-harvested, like this one: 100% natural Palo Santo sticks.

I'm always awed by Alana Fairchild's Oracle Card Decks. She partners with artists who exquisitely capture the dense wisdom in each card description. A single card pull offers enlightenment, so the larger readings open up so many doors. I started practicing for YPM by reading my cards aloud into my voice recorder so I really got the power offered, and to release into the meditiation each one gives you. My absolute favorites are Mother Mary and Kuan Yin, and some other nice ones include Earth Warriors and Love Your Inner Goddess seen below. It's always fun to pick one out for a friend, AND get your own so you can do readings for each other! 

I spoke about how much I love Molton Brown bath gels especially the Orange & Bergmot fragrance in the winter. It's like a little getaway for me (even though, in reality, I'm taking a 15 min shower). Not only do they have warming and uplifting scents (great for the mind and spirit), they make your skin soft and cared for. I suggest the Stocking Filler Gift Pack to share the love (or keep for yourself or the Francinsense & All Spice liquid hand soap). Or get my #1 favorite (which I thought was discontinued) Eucalyptus. 

I truly mean it when I say that Amazon Prime brings me ease because I get deliveries quickly (including necessities like paper towels or face masks), I can use it to watch Amazon Video (my favorite Amazon original is Red Oaks), download books on Audible (Holidays on Ice by David Sedaris makes me laugh) and, of course, listen to our podcast on Amazon Music! It's a great treat for someone who does not yet have the Amazon Prime membership (especially your older relatives who may struggle with getting out and could use Alexa's support and prime's delivery options).

8Greens, or 8G, is my very definition of ease in the category I need the most help — health/nutrition! I start the day with one tablet in 8 oz. of water and get an immune-system boost of spinach, wheatgrass, kale, blue-green algae, spirulina, aloe vera, chlorella, barley grass. Plus I find it delicious, which is shocking! I discovered this in January and since, I've felt more energy and my immune system has been 2020! NOTE: 8G is gluten- and sugar-free, but does contain sorbitol, so if that doesn't agree with you, skip this reco! They've expanded their flavors & products, so y
ou can also choose the gummies for adults and kids or supplements for skin.

You know that "had-to-have-it" feeling? That's what I had with these metal rolling utility carts. I got a poppy red and a silver grey and they are in use! I LOVE their flexible functionality...wheel 'em wherever you need 'em. I've used it as an at-home haircare assistant (2020!), an impromptu BBQ cart and an easy way to pack up things I need immediate access to when I get back.  CAXXA has a reasonably priced 3-tier model and Seville's commercial-grade cart gets great reviews. Pro-tip: invest in the cart topper; the extra surface is invaluable!  


95% of my socks are from Blue Q collection. Each pair is adorned with whimsical art and a snarky caption. Here are some you may love for yourself or someone you know: "Go Away, I'm Introverting," "Namaste, You Guys," "Me When My Song Comes On!" and "Stop Talking."

3 wise friends gifted me a ring from SNASH Jewelry when I needed to wear a reminder of "who I was." The ring said "Manifest Cool Shit" and I wore it every day until I did!  Not only am I a fan of their jewelry but I LOOOOVE their Instagram account. 

If you miss traveling to your favorite cities, the Homesick Candles Collection might be able to hold you over for a little longer. They come in scents such as New York City (which captures the distinctive scents of spring days in Central Park), the United Kingdom (to remind you of the smell of rain, a lovely cup of tea and sticky toffee pudding), the Arizona (the awe of the Grand Canyon via touches of desert sand, blue agave, lime, and orange citrus) and my favorite, the Hawaii candle (pineapple, coconut, ocean tides, cyclamen flowers and just a hint of sugar cane). You may never leave your room!

I'm a bit of a skincare junkie and I discovered these facial sheet masks in Hong Kong a few years ago with my sister. We brought them back for all our friends because, I mean, how much fun to all be hanging out with these different characters staring at you?!? Plus, as any fan of K-Beauty knows, they really work! You can try the ones I did with this SNP Animal Kingdom Variety Pack (3 each of tiger, dragon, otter & panda)  or this pack with a llama, mermaid, panda, cheetah, unicorn and an otter!

Pair the adorable face masks with this fabulous and uplifting children's book series, "Did You Know." This book is the title for a series of children's books by Lisa (Thompson) White written about the energy of love.

"Love-Light" is the first of the series and focuses on our connection to this universal force and to each other. Because everything is energy and energy is supposed to flow unimpeded to be at its best, this story teaches how we can recognize and respond to what our energy is doing, learning to be proactive with it instead of reactive.

Though this series was written for children, its message is for everyone. I encourage families to read it so that they can practice growing their love-lights together.

And finally...

*Enter YPM2020 at Majestic Hudson, a spiritual boutique, for a special discount. Majestic Hudson was a guest on our "Crystals 101" podcast (click to listen). They offer blissful experiences and a wide variety of quality products - from Palo Santo to oracle cards to apparel and fun items with a great sense of humor like their sticker collection. 



-- Happy Holidays --