Noreen & Gennifer

October 29, 2020

This Magic Moment with YPM's Common Sense Mystics

Noreen & Gennifer are bringing you some Blue Full Moon-Halloween-Samhain out-loud truth-speaking! In a bonus 5th week episode, your favorite common sense mystics are recommitting to our callings and missions as individuals and podcast hosts, and sharing ...

Self-Improvement Spirituality Mental Health

September 17, 2020

What Kind of Bird Are You?

How good are you at "living and letting live?" Noreen & Gennifer take a look at different personality tests and different energy sensory systems for their insights into our individual strengths, communication styles and stress responses. (eek!) It's a fu...

Self-Improvement Education Mental Health

July 02, 2020

Learnt Ladies

Co-hosts Noreen and Gennifer interview each other about the different paths and training we’ve taken to become professional healers. We talk about early childhood moments when we became aware of our special gifts, the unique events that put us on our pat...

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